Quick status report on things and please hear me this time.

Quick status report on things and please hear me this time.

Since I said I would do these still, updates for you guys. Also, for the love of god CHECK THE “PROJECTS” PAGE for anything you guys are looking for in the future. I’m gonna soon stop answering people and ignore them if they can’t read my past posts. I’m a nice guy, but I can only take so much from people asking the same thing. *cough Isekai/Hakuouki cough* Anyways, here’s what’s up so far…

11 eyes BDs Jink is back. So now we can continue with the series hopefully. 6 and 7 are at edit , rest at tl so we’ll start work on those as soon as we can.

Anyamal MMC is kicking butt on this. 25 and 26 at qc2, 27-28 at edit, 29-32 at timing. The rate we’re going at, we might be able to finish the show before Christmas. We’ll see though ^^.

Mari 23 should be out anytime this early morning. 24-32 are at tlc. Rest at tl. We are also going back and doing ep.0 and 1-9 to complete it before doing 2.0. We have some TLs done already so we’ll get it going soon.

Mermaid Melody Pitch 49-51 at final check…(Ekke lol). 52 is at QC++. After we finish, onto pure series so look forward to that.

Les Miserables We’re hopping back on Les again yay! 26-29 are at tlc. Rest at tl but like we said we’ll finish the show. Just keep checking on page for updates.

Yumeiro 40-45 are at final check with Ekke. 46-50 are at tlc for SD. We’re speeding up on the releases now since Ekke has time again. Also, whenever that OVA pops up, someone tell us please so we can TL already. XD

Yumeiro Pro ep. 1 has been TLed and timed already. 2-7 are at tl. Got some new TLer help so this will be helpful for us to catch up quick.

Milky Holmes 6 is at qc. Should be out either later this morning or Sunday morning again. MMC is doing a great job as everyone else is on the show. So you guys make sure you thank him and everyone else working on it every once in a while. ^^

Umi Monogatari DVDs 1-3 are ready to go. ep. 13 is at tlc/edit. Also we got all the specials finally so we can start work on those. Look on page for updates to this.

Hakuouki Well, it’s still stalled until Shinkun comes back.(on fully like he was able to besides doing Les when he can.) So yeah…that’s it for that.

Isekai BDs 11 is at tlc. 12-13 at tl. It’s being done people just going slow. But we are planning on picking up the pace to knock these last 3 out. Moshi should be able to help us out soon as well. Just hold out until then. Updates for this as well on page in projects.(You noticed I’m mentioning this alot so people can’t give me an excuse.)

Well, guess that wasn’t a quick report, but forgot how much we we’re doing for a second. XD Oh, and for the person that asked me about Hen Zemi OVA Vol.2, it’s not out until March of next year so that’s a long way off. But yeah, we’ll most likely do it when it comes out. (Pain in the ass dialogue! X_X) Anyways, until then folks…

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4 Responses

  1. Baby Naruto says:

    Thanks for the status update on Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo ^_^!

  2. Gar says:

    I don’t know if you can do anything with this, but the RAW Yumeiro special is on say-move…


    I couldn’t find a torrent or anything though.

  3. yaro says:

    *thumbs up* Isekai update made my day.

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