Tantei Opera Milky Holmes 1 released!

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes 1 released!

It’s out!! Finally huh?! Sorry for the delays, we’ve been working relentlessly trying to make this release perfect. Sometimes it felt like we were building a rocket or something lol, I swear. Anyways, to reiterate the introduction post, this is a joint project with KiteSeekers and we’ll be trying to get this out on a weekly basis from now on. Second episode script is already well under way ^_^ Thanks to all the people involved and their great effort. Staff for this project is as follows:

Translation: MMC

Translation Check: Asairo; Moshiburner (Karaoke)

Timing: Teme

Editing: Leviathan, Webbmaster62

Typesetting: Langes01x

Opening Karaoke: c0balt

Ending Karaoke: sportsrmyname

After Effects: (OP typesets and group logos/title): special thanks to c0balt’s friend doplank

Quality Checkers: Webbmaster62, MMC, Southrop

Encoding: BF3000

Distribution: Ekke, Webbmaster62, Zdm321, Disk, Asairo

We’ll be doing these in HD MKV and SD AVI, as usual. Still recruiting typesetters! And more Yume and Mari extremely soon!

Enjoy 🙂

[KiteSeekers-Wasurenai] Tantei Opera Milky Holmes – 01 [1280×720 H264 OGG] [A78849F8].mkv

DDL | Torrent

[KiteSeekers-Wasurenai] Tantei Opera Milky Holmes – 01 [704×400 XviD] [9515E0DF].avi

DDL | Torrent

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12 Responses

  1. David says:

    More loli detectives i see

  2. HR says:

    WTH?! ddl… download will start in NEGATIVE 6 sec… then keep decreasing to NEGATIVE 7 and so on… ..

  3. David says:

    This also seems like it could be moe.

  4. axrar says:

    what is the ETA for SD AVI?

  5. Alter says:

    Thanks for picking this up and good work! Was worried I’d have to bear with Crunchyroll subs for this show.

  6. You Guys Really do ROCK!! I swear, if i have to watch this from horrible again I was gonna die!! LOL… Thanks so much Wasurenai 🙂 Also, keep up the good work on yume!! ^_^

  7. learning says:

    i really liked thief-sama

    thank you!

  8. Ashee says:

    oh.. a new anime mmmm… more anime to see xD yeah!!!!!

    the first thing that pop-up in my head when i saw the picture was that the girl with brown hair and ponytails is similar, realy similar, to Mikan Sakura of Gakuen Alice and the uniform also xD yeah i know that they are backward what that was my impresion xDDD yeah yeah i’m crazy i know it xD

    • Ashee says:

      ah i forgot something really funny, the teacher has a…. mmm how to say it in english(my mother language is spanish)’air’ like Narumi from Gakuen Alice xD but i think he’s more gay(is that even possible <— anyone that read gakuen alice will understand me xD)

      p.s.: sorry for my bad english

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