Results are in and news on new bot in IRC.

Results are in and news on new bot in IRC.

Now that I got your attention with the eyecandy, let’s talk. I read a bunch of your comments and it seems you guys want reports. So, I’ll get started on the other ones that don’t have them. The only one I won’t do is Hakuouki. Until Shinkun is able to work on it again, it’s staying in the stalled section. Also for the Umi Monogatari DVDs and specials, I’ll put updates as well. Just click on the series page in the completed area. I update these things practically everyday so if something is still in the same spot it was a month ago, it probably means it’s still stuck there. We have a new bot taking the place of SeinaYamada…his name is WasuJr. This will be our archive bot. New releases will be on Caramel, but old ones on WasuJr. So if your looking for something old, it’ll probably be on WasuJr. Bot is almost ready just gotta reorganize things and put stuff in order. Still need another typesetter so if anyone can help, you know the drill. If things go right, we’ll have a good amount of releases coming. Well, you’ll know now won’t you…XD

Edit: Updates will be done in an hour or two.


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3 Responses

  1. tripperdan99 says:

    Thanks for the updates, though I understand Real Life gets in the way. So to me, you have better things to do than to always post how things are going. I appreciate all the efforts you guys provide. May you always prosper at what ever you do….


  2. I’ll send my best bottle of Polish Vodka to Shinkun, hoping to reconnect with him soon. “That” guy has enough troubles as it is. As for the Botswitch I give you my aplause and the grumblecakes will soon be yours. 🙂

  3. D.J. says:

    My best wishes for the developments. I have my OWN developments going on at the time. But at least my Mermaid Melody rewrite has really been coming along well and heading into mature and more gritty territory. xP

    and i gotta say…
    Wow, Ms. THE Tsundere with the DFC. I can’t believe I have a side like that secretly xP
    Now if ONLY Louise wasn’t such A CAST-IRON BizITCH, I would fall for her COMPLETELY XD
    ~Daniel J.

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