OMG…a new look?!

OMG...a new look?!

Seems we have fans out there. ^_^

I sometimes comment on your chatbox as BloomingDesire or BD87. I just wanted to give you a fan banner I made for you guys. I hope you guys will like it 🙂
PS: I thank you guys for doing Yumeiro, and continue taking your time fansubbing 🙂

So for that, you get your own post BloomingDesire! Thanks again for the awesome banner you made. Asairo, Ekke and Webbmaster62 are giving it thumbs up!

5 Responses

  1. Firi-nyan says:

    And who are you again?


  2. Ekke says:

    You should read staff email, Firi-chan. 😀

  3. learning says:

    we wont forget you, ever

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