Hen Zemi 01 Released

Hen Zemi 01 Released

Thinking this is your ordinary ecchi show? Then the answer is no. In fact it’s… extreme… Good for hardcore fans I believe. You can see a professor and his team of … weird people… I suppose in this anime. That’s all for a brief summary.

[HiNA-Wasurenai] Hen Zemi OAD – 01 [DVD H264 720×480 AAC] [4D6E7992].mkv
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Flame Asairo on the group channel if you encounter any problems with this.

Edit: I am warning you now, this show is very graphic on the talking of certain fetishes and there are “love scenes”. Funny, but there. So if you can’t take that, don’t DL it. WM62

Next one comes out on March 23, 2011. So yeah we gotta wait. XD

Looking for Translators! We are in desperate need of translators!

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18 Responses

  1. learning says:

    this looks awesome 🙂 thank you!

  2. tripperdan99 says:

    Looks interesting, since psychology was my undergrad & abnormal was one of my fav, should be fun

  3. Nyuu says:

    great show, really worth taking a look at if you can handle some perv scenes.

  4. Multipartite says:

    Very enjoyable! Ah~, the wonderfulness of humour in the context of such things…! *might surprisingly end up enjoying this more than Seitokai Yakuindomo*
    ((*having come to this website on a regular basis checking for a Yumeiro half-batch, is very happy to have read other posts as well*))
    (I also reflect on how strange it might seem to others that, by my classification system, this definitely comes under the category of ‘tasteful’. *amusement*)

  5. silu says:

    This is awesome, thank you!

  6. Anonymous says:

    After watching a few times (with great enjoyment!), three subtitling change suggestions:

    ‘Aa, dame ne. De ha, moshi “boku to nete kure” to Komugi ga tanondara?’

    Currently: ‘Ah, a no-go huh? Well then, what if Komugi asks me to sleep with him?’

    Suggestion: To change ‘asks me’ to ‘asked you’.
    (Context: After asking her if she would sleep with the speaker. It does not seem as though her considering Komugi in an NTR way becomes directly relevant until the later conversation with the Professor. Granted, I still have difficulty following the speaker’s chain of reasoning, but without further information find it more unlikely that he’s suggesting that Komugi would sleep with him than that he’s for some reason probing her feelings towards Komugi.)

    ‘Kyouizon ne~? Kedo, sono Makiko ni kanzen ni suteraren no ga Taguchi no kyuukyoku no nozomi nan dakedo ne~…’

    Currently: ‘Codependent? Taguchi’s ultimate desire is to get rid of Makiko, though.’

    Suggestion: To change ‘to get rid of Makiko’ to the more specific ‘for Makiko to get rid of him’ or ‘to be thrown away by Makiko’ or an equivalent.
    (If it were to throw her away, it would be ‘Makiko wo suteru’, rather than ‘Makiko ni suterareru’.)

    ‘Tashika ni, ore ni ha Makiko ni aiso wo tsukasaretai to iu gambou ga aru.’

    Currently: ‘Certainly, I long for the day when Makiko willingly shows courtesy towards me.’

    Important terms (since ‘tsukasaretai’ rather than’ ‘tsukawaretai’):
    愛想を尽かす 【あいそをつかす】 (exp,v5s) to be disgusted with; to run out of patience; to fall out of love’)
    愛想 【あいそ(P); あいそう(P)】 (n) (See 愛想を尽かす) civility; courtesy; compliments; sociability; graces; (P)
    尽かす 【つかす】 (v5s,vt) (1) to use completely; to use up; to exhaust; (2) (See 愛想を尽かす) to exhaust somebody’s civility; to give up (on someone)

    Suggestion: To change ‘willingly shows courtesy towards me’ to ‘wants to give up on me’ or an equivalent.
    (The ‘tai’ of ‘to want to’ is helpful in understanding this, as for whatever reason he wants her to _want_ to cast him aside, but not to actually to do so (as the next sentence shows about him doing so while taking as a given that she never will).)

    I hope these suggestions are of use; thank you for the work which has been done!

    • Anonymous says:

      (A further thing noted on the most recent watching: the Professor refers to the thing sent to his cellphone as a ‘photo’ in the subtitles, yet listening the word ‘douga’ (video) is heard (‘動画ファイル’?)and is more consistent with Komugi’s pattern of cellphone beeps.)

      • Asairo says:

        ‘Tashika ni, ore ni ha Makiko ni aiso wo tsukasaretai to iu gambou ga aru.’
        Certainly, I have some trouble trying to understand that … line… It’s a part of a collection of lines in part C of the anime which is thrown at me because the original translator didn’t translate them. In any case, originally, I referred that line as a controversial thought against the next line (shikashi sore wa, makiko wa zettai ni ore wo sutenai to iu konkyo no nai jishin no moto ni), plausible as the students are abnormal in a sense. Like you just said, I wrote “I indeed long for the day when Makiko gives up her affection for me” but it occurred to MMC and I that this line really doesn’t make any sense. So after consulting Southrop on that issue, we at last decided that “Certainly, I long for the day when Makiko willingly shows courtesy towards me” is the best translation for that line and so we will stick to it unless the next episode reveals more about Taguchi’s character.

        As for the “photo” part that you raised, I couldn’t hear what exactly he is saying so I referred to the animation of the scene to base the translation on. And my phone doesn’t have the beeps so I have no idea how the beeps is related to what he is doing with the phone. But that translation will be considered if we ever want to do a v2 (probably not; too lazy).

        Rest of the questions: I see that those are more of editing issues so I can’t elaborate much on them. MMC or gyzome would be a better candidate to answer those questions.

        And not to forget, JOIN us as a translator!!!!

        • Asairo says:

          Ah, and also, thank you for your time to watch our release and taking the effort to point out our mistakes. I’m so happy! Asairo dances around in joy.

          • Anonymous says:

            Thank you for the response(s)!

            The comment about Taguchi’s ultimate desire being to be thrown away by Makiko also informed my interpretation of him wanting to have to the freedom to have her disgusted at him without leaving him; I will watch for further episodes, and hope that further occurrences bear out this interpretation. *wonders about possible motivations, since a masochistic treated-like-dirt-by-beautiful-girl fetish might be too close to the MM person’s abnormality* (Mainly I’ll be watching in curiosity about the two not-deeply-shown characters’ personalities, though, and content in general. *smiles*)

            The beeps: by that, I particularly meant the way that he only beeps the phone before she starts and after he’s already received the thing in question, meaning that photos would not have captured anything interesting–if he were taking photos of the scene, there would have been near-constant beeping throughout, whereas instead the beeping was consistent with starting a video at the beginning and finishing it at the end, thus capturing the entire spectacle (her movements et cetera).

          • Anonymous says:

            When checking for possible further evidence:

            Meshiya: “Taguchi-kun no daraku shita hametsu gambou,”

            堕落 【だらく】 (n,vs) depravity; corruption; degradation; (P)
            破滅 【はめつ】 (n,vs) ruin; destruction; fall; (P)
            願望 【がんぼう(P); がんもう】 (n,vs,adj-no) desire; wish; aspiration; (P)

            Potentially not just a ‘dedication to be a degenerate’, but rather a desire for (a depraved/corrupted/degraded?) ruin/destruction/fall itself (by means thereof). (The term ‘hametsu’ being significant.)

            This seems to support a view of him not as an S, wanting others to show him respect/courtesy or otherwise to have power over them, but rather (in the form of an infatuation/obsession with his own situation-worsening) seeking out actions that would worsen others’ behaviour towards him–that is to say, it seems to support an interpretation of him as trying to get Makiko to treat him worse, rather than better.

            (*rereads written text* …’ruin/destruction/fall itself by means of depravation/corruption/degradation’…? Hm. Hard to choose which. In any case, I should sleep soon. Good night!)

      • MMC says:

        I considered that, since i did look up exactly what 動画 meant, and it was an “animation” or “moving image”, not “still picture” like 写真. But from the way Matsutaka said “torundesuka?!” which is a verb i most commonly see with taking pictures (also what Matsutaka had probably meant when she said it (and also what many people have said when a phone lens is pointed at somebody, from my experience)), not making or recording videos (even though it’s still an applicable use), I assumed it was the former, and kept the style the same throughout the rest of the script when it was brought up by the professor (i thought maybe he was just using it as a general slang for a media file? idk lol), as to make it completely distinguishable from when a video is being talked about (assuming the viewer does not know any significant japanese, of course). As with Asairo, I do not have a phone that makes any ‘pattern’ of beeps, especially when recording video, and that any recording done should’ve shown me the familiar “red dot” whether the phone was recording or not – a part which was simply not animated in this case.

        Still, you’re right, I should have picked up a hint a little later on: a subtle giveaway when he says “okay, start” to Matsutaka. I guess it was the previous tl of “you’re taking a picture?!” that got it all confused. Thanks for pointing it out, and i’ll keep a better watch next time somebody says that particular verb without a definite object (pic, vid) attached to it. And to reiterate others, it would be simply awesome if you could hop on board to help us out like this, even for a little bit of translation or just translation check ^^ Thanks

        • Anonymous says:


          To some degree I definitely enjoy copy-editing, but I can imagine it would be inconvenient to allow me to check things before they were finalised, and most greatly I likely cannot afford to make any Internet-related long-term commitments at this point in my life, unfortunately.
          The limit of any involvement, thus, is most likely that of watching things as they are available and pointing out anything that stands out as correction-worthy. (As in this case.)
          (I wonder what it says about me that I somehow care more about accurate translation for this fiction in particular than for other fictions? Hmm.)

  7. rushuna says:

    thanks, keep up the good work…

  8. Shane says:

    Any one know when episode two is coming out??

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