Yumeiro Pâtissière Professional Announced.

Yumeiro Pâtissière Professional Announced.

Yes, before anyone else asked us about it, we’re doing it. lol We thought we could finally take a break from this series but no. Japan drops another bomb on us for a second season XD. So while we are still waiting on Jink to give us 31, we have no choice but to haul ass now on our TLs. Luckily we have another staff member that can TL 31 for us. Thank god! So prepare for an onslaught of Yumiero episodes coming at ya soon. We only got like a month before the new one starts and we like to keep up with the airings in Japan this time. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about our other projects either. They’ll still come as usual, but Yumeiro will be pretty high above the rest. Anyways, look at Ichigo! She’s cute as hell!

EDIT: Reminding you guys to look at our episode statuses on MMPPP, Marie and Gali and Yumeiro on “Projects” page. As Yumeiro will be getting updated alot soon.

EDIT 2: The air date for Yumeiro Patissière Professional is set to October 3. That means the first season will have 52 episodes, or something close to that. //Ekke

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20 Responses

  1. Ashee says:

    kyaaaa i’m so happy!!! and i was thinking how much chapters of yumeiro was left =D.
    Ichigo looks cute mmmmm……… i want a picture of kashino right now!!!!!(if i keep like this i’m going to transform in ojou-sama soon xD)
    ehhh but… wait… yumeiro didn’t finish right???? the last chapter went out the last saturday and i saw the preview for the next one o.o
    well i think that i will have to go to buy a lot of dvd,lol.

    thanks for yumeiro and 11eyes

  2. Nojiko says:

    nice i’ve been waiting for these releases to start coming… as usual no rush…
    quality> quantity

    only good news this week =)

  3. Caay says:

    Yay! I’ll take the opportunity to thank you for the subs! I got into the series late so I’m only up to 24 right now. Your subs are good and I appreciate the AVIs so far!

  4. Kharissa says:

    Looking forward to the new series! Thanks for keeping up with YP! 🙂

  5. Phoenix says:

    Thank you for doing Yumeiro Patissiere Professional and trying to keep up with the series.

  6. John says:

    Hi guys. can some of you fix the link of marie & gali episode 16. both links are not working anymore. thanx
    and also thanx for subbing.

  7. Sawada Tsunayoshi says:

    Woah, sweet ! ! !
    It’s nice to hear that YP will have a second season XD
    Can’t wait to see it..
    Looking forward to it
    Wasurenai <3

  8. Eab1990 says:

    Still waiting on that half-batch. :3

    • Ekke says:

      You’ll have to wait a whole lot longer on it, so I suggest you grab it off the bots for now. The focus is on the “new” episodes now.
      We do have 2 new recruits working on the old ones though. 🙂

  9. Kashino_Naomi says:

    i’ve always waited patiently every week since the release the release of first episode..
    yet now, im totally excited and impatient for the coming of the yumeiro pro..
    requesting an image of grown up kashino makoto too!!!!! lol 🙂

  10. kelakagandy says:

    Will you all do the YumePati Mune-Kyun Tropical Island special if you can get a source? The DVD will be furoku (http://ribon.shueisha.co.jp/dvd/index.html) with the November (out sometime early October) issue of Ribon. :]

  11. Gar says:

    20 episodes in 2 weeks? Sounds cool 🙂

  12. Maya says:

    Hmm.. so Ichigo is a adult in this one? AND I AGREE, I NEED A PICTURE OF KASHINO, and i think i know how hanabusa and andoh will look o.O , anyway, it will be cute if kashino and ichigo get married at the end, or in the beggining they date, and wow, I cant wait!! kawaii!!

  13. Maya says:

    Oh ya, and I wonder, what will the themesong be like also? haha

  14. SAMANTHA says:

    i really cant wait iv been waiting for ever thanx oh and i hope kashino falles in love with ichigo
    and i love the engilish subbs
    oh and when will it be finished

    thanx cant wait

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