Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch 48! *^_^*

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch 48! *^_^*

Nyu! It’s that time again, time for another healthy dose of your favorite mermaids, from your favorite mermaid. 😉 And to be different from the other bunch of posts, I put a smilie into the title this time. I know, utterly clever.

What’s no less clever is that we also seem to lack a timetable for the remaining episodes. 😉 Don’t you fret, though, because those timetables were only fuzzy timetables anyways. And everyone likes fuzzy stuff. Kinda like when you have a hot dog with more shag than your carpet, and you just slather on the mustard and ketchup…

No? Must be just me. <Shrug>

In any case, this episode “originally” was supposed to come out closer to July 4th. But by the time it got dumped into my inbox, my response was a hearty “not gonna happen.” Yeah, yeah, I know, but it’s still worth it. And I’m sure that any of you consistency nuts (I’m sure there’s someone even more attentive than I am…) would note, but yes, I did rustle up some quality material from episode 27. So if nothing else, you can expect that….. eh, I’ll save the spoilers for another time, when they’re less spoilerish, and distracted by other things like HOTT MERMAID-ON-MERMAID ACTION. Of course, you didn’t hear that from me, unless you heard that from me the first time.*

*And for an extra challenge for our viewer audience, figure out when/where I said that. I probably spent the better part of an hour or two, just to make sure I was properly quoting the original reference, so I definitely know the answer is out there. 😀 If you do decide to partake on this challenge, I’ll need the full, exact text of the post which contains the phrase. And at this moment, I’m not sure if a prize is warranted, but I do have some mermaidy artwork… maybe that’s worth something. 🙂

Unless someone edits this post, I’ll spare you the recruitment speech. <Points down a few posts, to the one about the status of our projects.> Just read that one. 🙂

[Wasurenai] Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch – 48 [DVD H264 640×476] [B44EEE24].mkv
DDL | Torrent

[Wasurenai] Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch – 48 [DVD XviD 640×476] [FD3E3AAA].avi
DDL | Torrent

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12 Responses

  1. Fronzel says:

    I think what you have as “Panterassa” should be “Panthalassa”. It’s an oceanic term, after all.

    And I know who I want to win the showdown next episode.

    Mimi and SheShe > entire cast

    • Lexica-chan says:

      Hmm, interesting point, Fronzel. I actually dug out the spelling of that phrase from episode 27, from Lunar’s fansub. So, feel free to blame them for getting it wrong first.

      I’ll meditate on it some, as ep 49 comes around. 🙂

  2. HokaHoka says:

    Thanks a lot for another mermaid princess episode xD
    At least I’ll have another episode to watch *yay*
    Do your best *cheer*

  3. Kisshu says:

    Thanks for your great work on this serie i really appreciate it!

  4. Eab1990 says:

    Today is Coco’s birthday. Happy birthday Coco!

  5. Epyon says:

    Thank you for ep 48. <3

  6. irfan says:

    pls……………….. upload mermaid melody episode 1-39 episode and episode 49 until 52 episode in [DVD H264 640×476]

  7. Lexica-chan says:

    @irfan: There’ll be a magical batch torrent as soon as we actually have episodes 49-52 to present to you. Two of those are already in my in-basket, just waiting for me to pour in some mermaid blood. 😉 And I think a third is making its way through the fansubbing pipes….

    @Fronzel: I’ve thought about this one quite a bit… you’re definitely right, the resemblance is very much intriguing. But I’m not fully convinced that what they’re saying really ~is~ Panthalassa. My basis on this is that, after some brief wandering around on Wikipedia, and cross-matching against an independent Japanese dictionary, the name “Panthalassa” is written as 「パンサラッサ」 (pronounced “pansarassa”) in Japanese. And even if we don’t fully agree on what Hippo says in ep 48 (or what Noelle (Ep 27@5:56) or Hanon (Ep 27@8:34) say), they’re definitely not saying “sa” on the syllable in question. Not to mention, when Hanon actually does her fortune telling in ep 27, the card drawn doesn’t reflect an “all ocean” definition or connotation (yes, you could stretch it to mean “they want to conquer the entirety of the ocean…” but I still fall back on that they’re not really saying “Panthalassa” in the first place).

  8. Serene says:

    This is the only place I can find any english subbed mermaid melody from 40++ Phew, thanks for the great job!
    I definitely can’t wait for episode 49-52! 🙂

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