Marie and Gali 16 released!

Marie and Gali 16 released!

This company really does need to learn its science. The sun does have an orbit. XD Whatever, we just sub it. lol Here’s more Marie you guys. So enjoy. We’ll have some Yumeiro and Anyamal out as soon as we can for the people waiting on it. But like I said, the more help, the better.

[Wasurenai] Marie & Gali – 16 [H264 1280×720] [771A1B03]
DDL | Torrent

[Wasurenai] Marie & Gali – 16 [XviD 704×400] [A481E4C5]
DDL | Torrent

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4 Responses

  1. learning says:

    yay!! i’ll wait paciently for kirumin!!

    thank you so much wsrn!!

  2. Fronzel says:

    Hay guys, it’s Fronzel complaining again, lol.

    I feel a little unsatisfied by your translation of Galileo’s famous quote as “still the Earth is moving”(never mind how it’s rendered in Japanese), but I can’t say I can offer an alternative as the traditional “And yet it moves” might not work well in the context of this series.

    Please take a look at this and see if it gives you any ideas:!

    Also, not that this is a translaiton issue but I’m a little confused by the meditation joke with Maire Curie. A geyser equals wealth? Maybe it’s something that Japanese, living in a volcanically active country, would get right away.

    • Asairo says:

      Thank you for your comments, but you have to know this show doesn’t really adhere completely to real life events. There have been times we have to take liberty with the translation and also, this applies to Edison’s famous quote from the previous episode.
      P.S. A better way of complaining would be to join the qcing team of this group.

  3. Nick Thometz says:

    Wah benar2 mantap gan.

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