Another update from yours truly..

Another update from yours truly..

Hey everyone. Webbmaster62 back yet again with another update for you to read through. XD Check this out..things have kinda been delayed alittle bit because of moving, computer problems, and life. We gotten through most of the hurdles and are hoping to get things back on track now. We’re still in desperate need of translators though. I’ll explain. First things first, Asairo(our founder) is gonna be away for awhile. He works on a good amount of our projects as well…including Anyamal, MMPPPP, Yumeiro, Les, Bihada, Isekai, etc…you get the gist of it. We should have some of these roles taken care of while he’s away but we can use all the help we can get…especially for our main (long ass) series. So if any translators can help us, please contact us viva e-mail or in IRC. We need the help. We’re gonna try to knock out some of these before he leaves for this short vacation from fansubbing. XD Anyways, here we go…

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch
48 is at final check. Should be out in a day or two…or three. lol 49 is at TL. We can also use more help for Pure later on down the road. If anyone wants to help TL that show, let us know. We could use another TLer to finish this season faster as well. What? Only 3 episodes left? Easy…lol

11 Eyes DVDs plus OVA(ep13)
Our joint (with FTV-Subs) is going along good. We got a couple of episodes done already. 6-7 are at tlc while 8-9 are at tl. We’re going with the BD raws which look nicer and better. We’ll get back on track when Jink shows back up again.

Yumeiro Pâtissière
Okay…this is one of the shows I was talking about with Asairo eariler. We think we might have this cover for now with someone else from our group but another TLer for this will always be welcomed. Yume 32 is edit2 while 33 is at time. 31 is still at tl since Asairo was having trouble with it. Jink is the one that is doing it for us, but we’re still waiting for him to come back. This is one of the shows we like to keep going with for sure. So, you know the drill…help is appreciated.

Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo
We are at tlc on 13 for this. We’re kinda stuck because he doesn’t have time to tlc it…and believe me, it needs it. Moshiburner is our main TLer for it and he’s back so that’s good, but he still needs help. So anyone interested in helping us get this show going again, you know where we are.

Les Miserables Shoujo Cosette
Finally, after a long time, we got 24 tlced from Shin. It’s at edit right now. So after that’s finally done we’ll get everything else done on it and have it going out soon. 25 is our turn so hopefully that won’t take long either.

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari
10-13 are all either at tlc/edit/tl/re-edit/re-tl. Too lazy to go look. BTW, Himitsu pretty much went dead. So we’re finishing the remaining ones with help from GSO. So please thank her very much if you see her idling on IRC or in her channel. She decided to help us out. So expect the rest of Isekai pretty quickly.

Umi Monogatari ~Anata ga Ite Kureta Koto~ DVDs
Being done as well. Ep. 1 is already done but we might go back and re-encode it again. There was a little meeting in the room about it and it seems there are some things they want to change in the encoding. It’ll be out when we finish it.

Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan
Basically can’t do crap with this show until Shin comes back to finish it. He’s not dropping it so whenever we see him online again, we’ll jump his ass about it. lol But alot of our guys in staff want to just let it go since it was his show in the first place. XD

Marie and Gali
Moshiburner came back so regular releases again like we did them like always. 15 is at ts. 16 at tlced and 17 at tl/timed. You’ll get your goth/science fix yet again.

Bihada Ichizoku
Guess what? Fireboy88 finished it! 11 is done and 12 is at ts. Everyone say thanks to him on his site. We’ll have this finished sometimes this week or next. That’ll be another project down for us.

So all in all…here’s your list of shows:
Mermaid:Need help but not in dire help I believe.
11 Eyes:fine so far.
Yumeiro:Need another TLer to help.
Anyamal :Need another TLer to help….alot.( I can’t stress it enough)
Les:Getting back on track…
Isekai:fine so far.
Umi Monogatari:fine so far expect for encoding thing.
Marie:fine so far.
Bihada:fine so far.

That’s it right now. I’m tired now…going to rest my head. Until then everyone…

P.S. If things go right with us or with this post, we should have Isekai, MMPPPP and Bihada all done before Asairo takes off. We’ll see though….

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4 Responses

  1. learning says:

    ^^ thank you for your hard work

    i’m learning japanese so i wish i can help you with TLs sometime in the future

  2. Nojiko says:

    thx for ur hard work guys… dont worry about the delays, rl comes 1st…
    quality over quantity right? =)

  3. cutieness says:

    Agree with Nojiko, I’d rather have an episode done right rather than 10 eps done quickly with dozens of mistakes per episode.

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