11eyes 05

11eyes 05

Yeah, 5 is out…big whoop…wanna fight about it? Alright, more panty wielding, sword fighting, crazed monster action coming your way. Also, for the people that were asking about xvids for this show…outta the kindness of BF3000’s heart, he decided to do them. So look for some of them to start coming out either later today or tonight. Also no..we haven’t forgotten about Yumeiro. It’ll be out when we get it done. As always, brought to you by FTV-subs and us.

[FTV-Wasurenai] 11eyes – 05 [1280×720 BD H264] [C956932B].mkv
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  1. klh says:

    thanx!!..keep good work,guys!!..i like the fighting scenes…^^b

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