Yumeiro Pâtissière 30!

Yumeiro Pâtissière 30!

Well, I don’t believe any of you hardcore Yumeiro fans missed that they changed the stock footage for the ED now, even though they still have the same songs.

Surprisingly, Ichigo doesn’t do any weird and unmotivated moves on anyone in this episode… but rather, on ~something~.

Too cryptic messages again? Try to solve some puzzle games, such as Tales of Monkey Island (5), and you might get into the right mindset to understand what I’m saying.
I do recommend that you play The Curse of Monkey Island (3) before though, and Escape of Monkey Island (4) after that. The first and second installments are soo old that you’d need to be running Windows 95 on a Pentium 133MHz (without MMX), literally, so that’s totally out of the question.

I really recommend to buy that game if you come across that! It’s really good humor and requires a lot of puzzle solving. Do not use a walkthrough, please!

Anyway, back to what you came for in the first place.

Yumeiro 30 H264

Yumeiro 30 XviD

“Do you want to eat my milk-flavoured Caramel?”

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10 Responses

  1. man says:

    DDL? Batch?

    Otherwise, thanks for the release as always.

  2. Pixel_Crusher says:

    @Ekke: Actually, you can run the first two Monkey Island games on a modern-day PC just by using that wonderful adventure gaming app that is called ScummVM. Alternatively, special editions of both those games can be bought on Steam, and work fine on just about any PC.

    • Speedy says:

      The Special Editions are awesome, and with one press of the button (F10 on Monkey Island 1, F1 on Monkey Island 2) you’re back using the old interface 😀

      Can’t wait for the re-release of 3 and 4. ;D

  3. Kaida says:

    I really like Curse of Monkey Island, I still have my original discs, but the DivX keeps messing up on my Windows XP *sad crying* I really miss that game, along with Grim Fandango – classic Lucas Arts.

    • Ekke says:

      Did you try to install CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack)? That should take care of any codec problem you might have.
      Note: be sure to uninstall all other codecs first. Does not include Quicktime…

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