Marie and Gali 9.5 released!

Marie and Gali 9.5 released!

Recap is a recap episode. XD Well, we went ahead and did it just to do it. Enjoy. More Marie and Gali coming out soon. Also, more Yumeiro and our monthly MMPPP coming out next.

h264 Marie 9.5

Xvid Marie 9.5

Edit: Yumeiro is delayed because of lazy people earlier on (so I have to fix it up)(You might as well say WM62 Ekke.XD), and Mermaid will come after Yume because I’m working on “present” TV shows before older ones. /Ekke

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3 Responses

  1. learning says:

    Thank you so much!! more Marie is always welcome ^^

  2. zalkor says:

    I wonder why a 5-min-per-episode show need a recap episode do Japanese kids have short attention span ?

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