Hakuouki’s future….

Hakuouki's future....

Okay, so we’re in a dire state of emergency for this show. The translator has vanished without a trace, and thus we’re just sitting here waiting on him to come back. He jumps in from time to time but he’s been extremely busy with work. We would love to get another TL to help us on this but this project was started up by him. Also, he has very good knowledge of the series we’re doing so getting a new TL….wouldn’t be possible unless he possess the same skills as Shin. Either way, as much as I’d want to see us not drop a project… Hopefully, Seitokai no Ichizon will be the only one. So, unless we hear Shin say…”I’m done with the show.”, expect it to be in the stalled status until he gets back. Even if the episodes come out slow now, atleast you’ll still be getting them. That’s all for Hakuouki…

Update: Finally heard from Shin and Hakuouki is still gonna be done. So the doubt of it not getting finished is gone. Look for it from us and Aoi-Anime soon and hopefully if things go well, we’ll probably pick up the second season too.

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9 Responses

  1. betsuni says:

    grim news…cuz i like your hakuouki.
    anyway i’ll wait!

  2. Athens says:

    ….well I guess I have to wait…I love how you translate and sub this project…only one more episode to go and Hakuouki is already done. I have to be patient with the raws. Anyways thanks for the status of Hakuouki.

  3. airu says:

    thanks for the news.
    I’ll better be waiting than not knowing what is going on, since I love your release the most (:

  4. lexlover says:

    thanks for the news 🙂 btw the picture is from karin isn’t it?

  5. asjkdhasjkl says:

    Ah damn, I had been wondering what was up with this show. I’m glad it’s not dropped, but this doesn’t sound promising.

    The only group keeping remotely current is DB, who inexplicably releases low quality .avi only. What the hell is that? It’s 2010! Ridiculous, fuck I hate DB. Sounds like that’s likely going to be my only option though. =/

    And a second season just got confirmed as well…

  6. Lin says:

    Glad it’s still a go — and I’ll be hoping that things go well so you can pick up Season 2, as well!

  7. sekitx2 says:

    Yes, great news!! Look forward to the rest of the episodes whenever they get done.

  8. Ai Leen says:

    This is the one I would like the DDLs for ^_^ I’m so glad Shin’s okay and still wants to do Hakuouki! Tell him to take it easy though…We’ve waited this long for Hakuouki from you. We can wait a bit longer XD

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