Marie and Gali 10 released!

Marie and Gali 10 released!

So this is our second new project. Very short/long series about science and goth. XD Naww, Teme got tired of waiting for it so he decided to translate the show himself. So now we’re stuck with another new project cause of him lol. We’re starting at 10 from where DATS lefted off and working ourselves all the way to the recent episodes of Marie and Gali 2.0. We were deciding if we should do 9.5 since it’s a recap episode, but in the end we said screw it. We’ll do it too so that’ll be next. Then 11 from there. The episodes are very short so it shouldn’t take us too long to catch up. For now, that’s all the projects we’re doing for now. We got too many to do already. But they’ll get done. We been getting alot of help recently so hopefully we’ll be able to knock out alot of stuff. We can always use more Translators so if interested, please hit us up on IRC at Or e-mail us at H264 and Xvid will be done for this show as well like DATS was doing. Well, that’s it for now. We’ll keep you informed as always as to what is coming out next.

TL/Timer: Teme
TLC: Jink, Moshiburner
Karaoke: C0balt
Edit: MMC
Encode: BF3000
Typesetter: Itkatsu
QC: Webbmaster62, Asairo
Distro: Ekke, Webbmaster62

h264 Marie 10

Xvid Marie 10

EDIT: 10v2 released, see here

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13 Responses

  1. Azures says:

    I love you for doing this
    So much

  2. Luna says:

    Oh my, somebody picked it up *_* THANK YOU! I love this series and was always sad/frustrated that no one’s subbing it (to the point of actually planning to sub it somewhen despite being ESL). So good luck with the project 🙂

  3. zalkor says:

    Here are episodes 1-9 in DDL if anyone wants to start from the beginning (like me
    😛 )

  4. SweetAnon says:

    Oh sweet surprise!
    Thanks for finishing that show!!
    I was going to do it (I already got the raws), but now this saves me the work :3

  5. Toyf says:


  6. thanx says:

    Thanx for resuming this show guys. much appreciated.

  7. Tank252ca says:

    Great news! Been dieing to see the rest of Marie and Gali, since it’s unlikely to be licensed in English. Thanks for picking up where DATS left off.

  8. LeviathanX says:

    It is #5 here (my browser killed the cookies O: )
    Question: are you going to sub Season 2 as well?
    And help: would be no problem, if I would find the time. Currently I come home and go to bed two hours later (get up 6 am, go to work 6:30am, come home 8 pm, go to sleep 10pm).. Crazy, yea >.<

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