Bihada Ichizoku 5-8 Released!

Bihada Ichizoku 5-8 Released!

Here’s our second batch of this lovely show. Enjoy the beauty once more. XD Also, more Yume, Anyamal and our other new project should be out soon as well. The xvids for Isekai are coming as well. As for Haku, WE WILL LET YOU KNOW! So for now, just enjoy the ride. ^^ We like to also thank ArabianSwan for providing us with new raws. As always brought to you by imuR88-Subs and Wasurenai.
P.S. Bihada release will come to a stop unless fireboy88 gets back up and translate this show. So please flock over to imuR88 and scream torture him.

h264 Bihada 5
h264 Bihada 6
h264 Bihada 7
h264 Bihada 8

Xvid Bihada 5
Xvid Bihada 6
Xvid Bihada 7
Xvid Bihada 8

Special thanks to Moshiburner for tlcing the insert songs.
Also, the dialogue fonts have not been changed. This is because the fact still stands that we softsub this show completely, so you have the freedom of choosing a font suitable for yourself to read.

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6 Responses

  1. Eab1990 says:

    This isn’t Mermaid Melody…

    It’s Hanon’s birthday today, y’know.

  2. desolato says:

    Many thanks again guys.
    I will start bugging imur then ;p

  3. Anonymous says:

    Please find away to finish this show, there’s only a little bit left, and it is absolutely hilarious. Thanks for your work on it so far, I hope you can find away to bring the rest to us soon.

  4. fireboy88 says:

    Waa…. Webby damn evil sia… Ask people to spam me on my site….x_x

  5. spacecandy says:

    Please seed your avi episodes 1-8 😀 Thanks

  6. spacecandy says:

    Got nearly all avis you have. The seeds of episodes 5-7 has been 0 for the last few days. Anyone?

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