A request from WM62…

A request from WM62...

Weiss Survive R

Now this is a request from me, not the group. As you can see above, I like to finish this series. There’s only 6 episodes left and them being 3 mins each, I think I can handle it. lol I just need a translator for it for my group. KiteSeekers is the name and I have other stuff planned to do but I think I can knock this out real quick. But it always depends on a translator. ^^ I probably would need a typesetter for it as well but that can wait till I get the main objective. Anyways, if anyone would like to help me finish it, please contact me at Webbmaster62@gmail.com or you can leave me a message on my site at KiteSeekers. Open to anything as long as I can finish it.

Update: Bihada is being worked on again since he heard your wails on his site. lol Also, seems like Fireboy88 wants to help me on WSR. He’s playing the game as well. XD So hopefully look for the rest of the episodes sometime soon. LOL

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  1. kel says:

    Oh how I wish I could be helpful; too bad I speak basically zero Japanese. :[ Hope you can find someone willing to finish it though!

  2. Klick says:

    If you need help for timing or editing, I can help you for this serie 😉
    I’ll also want to see the end of this anime :s

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