Yumeiro Pâtissière 25!

Yumeiro Pâtissière 25!

The slowsubbing continues with Yumeiro 25, now we’re still 2-3 eps behind Japan as usual.

We’ve gotten 2 new recruits since last time, Auir and Firiel. Say hello to them! 😀

Firi-chan is waiting desperately to continue the cliffhanger that was left off from episode 24, so here you are. I’m sure some others of you are too. Enjoy the newest episode we’ve subbed~.

If you are impatient there is always Serios, although I don’t recommend them since they only mux Crunchyroll script…

Oh, I might’ve forgotten to introduce our editor rokku earlier, he’s been around for a while though, so say hi to him too 😀

Yumeiro 25 h264
Yumeiro 25 XviD

Now we are around the half-mark of this show (I hope) so hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on earlier releases to fix all the bugs from the old script sometimes… I’ll have to schedule 1 ep a day or something -_-.
You can contribute to fixes by PMing Ekke on IRC, or sending an email to Wasurenai’s staff email account. Note: Facts and/or constructive criticism only. Complaints will be fully ignored.

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9 Responses

  1. Golo says:

    I want Isekai!!!!

  2. Remilia says:

    Why is anirena down? I want to watch it right now. ;_;
    Thanks for the new episode, now please excuse me while I F5 anirena for the next two hours.

  3. Webbmaster62 says:

    You can always get them off IRC. That’s why our bots are there. lol

  4. zeroyuki says:

    Thanks for the release as usual.

  5. Xypher says:

    Thanks for the release!!!

    but the link for the XviD is broken….

  6. banana7 says:

    Pz avi.
    My PC is old.

  7. Ekke says:

    Please read above comment.

  8. Kenshi says:

    i think someone should make out with me

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