Spring, finally!

Spring, finally!

Spring has finally arrived to these cold corners of temeland!
Even though temeland was suddenly CRUSHED because of hdd failure, temeland will be reborn!
Also stop by and play at out xdcc-list site!

Ok, I didn’t post this post just to say that. The thing is, we’re dropping Mermaid—, We’ve a new joint project!
This joint project, is yet again with Aoi

Now, behold our new joint project!
Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan!

Hakuouki is pretty much about a boy(girl) that lost contact to his/her father, and started searching for him.
When s/he finds her/his father, it turns out that he is the bad guy! …or so I think >;3

Here’s the links ye lookin’ for:
Episode 1 h264 (Aoi Anime only)
Episode 2 h264 576p (Aoi-Wasurenai)

Xvid unconfirmed.

An important notice if you don’t actually know about this but in the show, other people, of first impression, will perceive the main female character as male. Anyway, it is pretty ridiculous to see a girl wielding a kodachi on the streets during that era.

P.S. If anyone has the closed captions of this show, please contact us. It will definitely make the work easier.

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5 Responses

  1. Lexica-chan says:

    /me bonks Teme upside the head with an inflatable mallet, before returning to editing MMPPP 46…. 😛

  2. Aqua says:

    NO! don’t drop MMPPP!!!

  3. Epyon says:

    O__O Don’t scare me with dropping MMPPP please, I almost got a heartattack. T_T

    Thanks for subbing Hakuouki, yay, more reverse harem stuff. <3

  4. silver says:

    i was so happy when i saw this joint. i really saw an improvement in aoi after the joint. it made it easier to decide which fansub to follow. 🙂

    “Xvid unconfirmed”
    i really hope you do an avi version, but i can understand if it’s not possible. although i can watch the higher quality versions, it puts a lot of strain on my laptop. i would love to have an avi (it would also give me some consistency between episodes as well since the others were mp4 and mkv).

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