Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch 46

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch 46

See? I told you it was gonna be prompt. 😀 Out comes forth another episode of Mermaid Melody episode (Don’t be fooled by folks who claim we’re dropping it!) 😉 You heard it here first, you heard it LIVE! 😀

Anyways. In the time that this episode was going through the pipeline, it was brought up that probably no one here (except for myself and Ekke-sama), probably know what I’m talking about when I refer to such things as MAI vs DA MERMAIDZ and SUUPAA-MAI. Well, to enlighten those who don’t know, at the time of such writings (a few years ago), I had a serious distaste for Mai Hime, and in particular the character Mai (fortunately, she doesn’t appear in Mai Otome except for a bit part, so the dislike doesn’t really extend to that). Anyways… such things as SUUPAA-MAI (where Mai-related products are sold… for example, Mai Soup! A can of which goes for only $2.99! Mai Soup… it makes you say uMAI!), and then then the continuing story of MAI vs DA MERMAIDZ… in which…. well, you know.

*Copied from “Projects” page*

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure will be started from episode 8, since Naisho already did the first 7 eps. The earlier episodes; Pitch 1-39 and Pure 1-7 may or may not be re-done by us. After Pitch is done, there will be a pause for Pure so we can catch up on all our other projects.
Episodes releases about approximately 1 per month. Unless, we have time to do them like this time. ^^ This will speed up when we get to Pure later, after the official break.

Currently hiring: Experienced DVD Encoder, starting from scratch with basic stuff like IVTC(YATTA) and VOB ripping. Will need to make workraws and later full encodes (h264). This is only needed for second season Pure, but working in advance is never a bad thing ^_^. If you’re interested, and got the required skills, don’t be afraid to drop by for a chat.

Speaking of which! The digital remastering of Part 2 is ready! As such… dim the lights, Webby! It’s time~!

From May 8, 2006… ladies and gents, I bring you…


This production has been brought to you by Lexica-chan and by the People’s Republic of Lorraine.

Lucia: <Skipping down the sidewalk> It’s such a beautiful day… hey, Hanon, Rina, let’s go shopping!
Hanon: Sure, that sounds like fun!
Shadowy figure with red eyes: I found you…… *_*
Hanon: KYAA! <Jumps back>

<Shadowy figure reveals itself as Mai, who looks a bit worse for wear>
Mai: You thought you beat me before… but your songs were too weak! I will not be beat back with cheesy paper hearts and your pinkness… and this time, I have my friend…. KAGUTSUCHI!
Kagutsuchi: *ROAR* <It flies in, and lands behind Mai. The ground shakes.>

Lucia: Oh, no, what are we going to……. hey, look, it’s the Black Beauty Sisters!
Sheshe: Aha, you found us…. oh, the things we’re going to do once we capture you and serve you on a platter to Gaito-sama. 😈
Mimi: *crackle* Hontou daioh ne! *crackle*
Rina: Uhm… doesn’t Sister Mimi look a little… off? She doesn’t look right…
Sheshe: She’s been practicing…. and we got a new song to capture your pearls with!
Mimi: *crackle* Hontou daioh ne! *crackle*
Rina: <Scratches head> Is that all you can say, Mimi?
Mimi: *crackle* Hontou daioh ne! *crackle*
Mai: <Tries to push the Black Beauty Sisters aside> No, I’m going to destroy them….
Sheshe: No, really… check out this new song. We’ve been working on it for a while now. 😀 <Inserts a tape into the casette deck in Sister Mimi and presses Play> “Hikari tozasu BAROKKU utsukushiki NOIZU to nare…”
Noelle: You know, no one knows that song yet… so, we don’t know we’re supposed to cower in pain….
Mimi: *crackle* Hontou daioh ne! Hontou…. hontouhontouhontou*SIZZLE* <Smoke comes out of Sister Mimi>
Sheshe: Drat! Foiled again…. come on, Sister Mimi! Back to the drawing board! <Sister Sheshe storms off, carrying a broken Sister Mimi>

Mai: Well, that was fun… ANYWAYS! Back to destroying you! KAGUTSUCHI! <He goes and takes flight>
Hippo (in Dragon form): Rawr! No you don’t! And why do you have a big knife in your face! <Tackles Kagutsuchi in midair, takes the knife out of its snout>
Kagutsuchi: *RAAAAAAWR!* <Spots something yummy on the ground…. why, it’s an orange gumdrop!>
<Kagutsuchi dives down and scoops up the “orange gumdrop” into his snout and tries to swallow>
Kagutsuchi: *GAG-COUGH-GAG-NO-BREATHING* <He flies around in a frenzy, smashing into Hippo…. Hippo drops the knife>
Mai: *O_O* <Sliced>

<Kagutsuchi crashes on the ground, asphyxiated. As he disintegrates, the pearl containing Seira is revealed>
Lucia: So here’s where you are! Geez, always getting into trouble… and you’re not even born yet! <Stern look>

<Nagi comes forth from the background, applauding>
Nagi: Congrats, you passed my test… but alas, I’m here to destroy the world for the third time…. oh, you’re not keeping score. Whoops. <Shrug> But anyways, I’ve commanded that the HiME star crash into earth in… oh, say, 2 minutes…. yeah, have fun with this one….
Coco: What are we going to do!?!?
Rina: No, really, who are you? *<_<*
Coco: Never mind… *-_-* <Pout>
Karen: Don’t worry! I’ll save us!
Sara: How do you intend on doing that? Your powers are no match for the dark side!
Karen: Watch me!

<Stock footage, Karen gets pichi-pichi-ized. The HiME star grows ever closer…>

Karen: I shake my microphone at you, you big dumb star! *Shake-shake* Rawr! Uhm… right! Pichi pichi voice live start! <Off-key> OOrOrA nO kAzE nI nOttE mY wIsh tOdOItErU!?
Lucia: Ahhh! The pain! <Cowering in pain>
Coco: She’s worse than the Black Beauty Sisters! <Covering ears>
<They all watch/cower in pain, as the HiME star shatters from all of the off-key notes>
Nagi: Drat! <Tries to run away… gets knocked upside the head by a stray chunk of HiME star> 😯 Daaaaaaaar…. <Falls over, stupid>

Karen: Ha! See? Told you I could do it….
Sara: *<_<* You know, that’s probably not the message you should be sending about now…


MMPPP 46 h.264


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15 Responses

  1. Fronzel says:

    I actually thought parts of Mai Hime were really excellant, but hated Otome so much I didn’t even get halfway through.

    It was Arika’s fault.

  2. Meyrinia says:

    Damn! I was really trying to learn that dvd encode stuff but it almost blew up my head! Good luck guys i love your subs! And I have some Pure Rips from a friend I would gladly offer if you don’t find anyone! You’re so great I was going crazy that no one seemed to care about this series anymore! Thank you so much!!!

    • Ekke says:

      We could probably use those rips you have if you don’t mind sharing. You can just send to me (Ekke) whenever I’m online on IRC. Or you can mail me any direct download links if you prefer doing it that way. That’ll help out. 🙂

      • Meyrinia says:

        Okay I’ll send them to you then!

        Random note: Did you know the font Naisho used for Kodou is called Lucas? You can download it for free here:

        • Lexica-chan says:

          😮 Actually, no, didn’t know! Good catch on finding that one out (I just did a quick eyeball comparison, and it does look the same~)! For a lot of those free fonts, it’s practically the case that you either know the font upfront or you don’t…. there’s not a tool like Identifont for the freebies.

          I’ll admit, I hadn’t paid too much attention to Pure of yet, mainly because I’ve been focusing on MMPPP first. 😉 From the look of it, it seems like Naisho put a lot more effort into the song karaoke than did Lunar (changing colors of the line depending on who’s on the screen, mixing colors, even utilizing proper karaoke-filling). I don’t wanna discount stuff like that upfront, on something we’ve not even started yet, but I’m already wondering how much of that fluff we’d actually do. Some of the effects aren’t even conducive to softsubs, and those which are may well be far more effort than they’re worth to fight out (This is coming from one of the maniacs who survived ep 40…. with SIX songs to slug through, counting the OP and ED.)

          Referring to your original point, though… it does sorta beg the question: when we start doing Pure, which font should we use? Personally, I’m actually inclined to stick with our current Mermaid Song font (Angelina, ). It seems a bit cleaner, at least in my eyes, and I think the resulting style is a bit narrower than the Lucas style. Which is disappointingly important, because sometimes you really need to abuse styling patterns to make the subtitles fit appropriately (read: mess with things to not have subtitles stack more than 2 high…. a rule which I noticed Naisho ignored in MMPPPP 4.) 😉

          • Meyrinia says:

            Well in the end it’s your decision and actually I don’t care that much about what fonts you use. I think whatever you’ll do I will definitely enjoy your MM subs!! Still, in one of my crazy stages I actually analized all the MM fonts used in the subs (except for the second ending…) XD (I was a real MMPPP fanatic…) So, if you’re curious (I guess it’s just me wanting to tell you that bad XD) the OP and ED songs of Pure used GlooGun which I think is actually quite pretty^^

  3. Lexica-chan says:

    *_* Now THAT is something handy! *^_^* I’m all for continuity, so there’s a reasonable chance that it might get used for Pure. :3 At least, it has my vote.

    Since you said you analyzed all the fonts…. could you enlighten me on which fonts Lunar used for the OP/ED in Mermaid Melody? I tried to mimic the fonts in the ones we’re using now, but I quite literally had to reinvent everything from scratch. Most of the fonts are right for the episodes, but I know those two aren’t….

    I doubt we’ll change the fonts we ~are~ using now, but it’s more for my own edutainment. :3

    • Meyrinia says:

      Well in the OP I think they used Dom Casual BT which is a pay font. But like I said before I couldn’t figure out the ED font, so I think you choose a good look-alike^^

  4. Gaarara says:

    Where can e get the episodes that have already been done like 1-7 by Naisho?
    And With All The Respect…..
    I Love Mai Tokiha 😀
    I don’t really see all the hype with Natsuki though I Admit She’s Obviously Pretty.
    But Mai All The Way 😀

    • Gaarara says:

      *Where can We get the episodes that have already been done like 1-7 by Naisho?
      And With All Due Respect…..*
      Typos On The Inital Post XD

      • Asairo says:

        I’m not sure. Better ask Lexica or Ekke.

      • Lexica-chan says:

        Well, I can’t quite speak for “where” you might be able to get those releases at this time…. 😉

        Yes, I do have Pure 1-7 by Naisho. 😉 But with it being ~only~ seven episodes, and its storyline continuity making no sense at both ends (ie, Pure 1 picks up almost immediately after where MMPPP 52 leaves off, and we haven’t released that yet…), I’m not seeing the need to jump ahead of things. Of course, you can try to convince me otherwise… 😉 If you do intend to, poke me on IRC. I idle lots, and I’m away from my computer the better part of a day, so it could take a while to respond.

        But, yeah. At the moment, that’s my stance on things. 🙂

        As far as your Mai-loving comments…. -5 brownie points for you. Rawr~

  5. ArethKira says:

    Thanks for these episodes! However I can’t download episodes 44-45 because it doesn’t connect to the seeds 🙁 . Torrents sometimes have these kind of problems, maybe megaupload could be better for download because is direct…
    I don’t want to tell you this to complain but only for advice, you are doing a lot of work for us, you fansubber are a miracle for us anime fan and I should be grateful. So I will wait hoping that someone connects ^^

  6. ArethKira says:

    Now I can download all, I waited and seeds arrived. Sorry for before!

  7. Steve says:

    *Where can We get the episodes that have already been done like 1-7 by Naisho?
    And With All Due Respect…..*
    Typos On The Inital Post XD

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