Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch 45 (and Happy April Fool’s!)

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch 45 (and Happy April Fool's!)

Yep, it’s that semi periodic event! Another time where I get to make a news postie! <Does happy dance, mermaid-style> Oh, yeah, and we do have a release for all you kiddies~. Sorry to say, this post is on very short notice, so I apologize in advance that I don’t have MAI vs DA MERMAIDZ, PART 2 ready for you all (part of my energies have been devoted to writing a third segment in the plot, so bear with me on that one). It’s still in the process of being digitally remastered and enhanced, but with so few sponsors, we’re on a tight budget. (The best I got is SUUPAA-MAI right now… You know, you can pick up a set of three rusty knives for only $49! Why wait for your knives to look ugly when you find out that stainless steel isn’t really stainless? Why not get them pre-rusted? And that’s just one of the many fine products on sale right now. Suupaa-Mai, “From the depths of our hearts to yours.”)




EDIT: One would have figured that things like an incorrect CRC (hey, it says 2010-04-01!), Swedish subs, a song about ordering a pizza, Hanon speaking Al Bhed, even Noelle trapped in my basement…. would have set off alarm bells about this, but we did catch a few of you off guard. 😉 Yes, the release was an April Fool’s gag. Hehe. *^_^* I hope you got a few laughs from it, I know I did. 😉

MMPPP 45 h.264 (April Fool’s 2010)

As far as the real release, I need to patch up a few things, it’ll likely be out in a few days. What can I say, it’s easier to put out spoofsubs than to do the real thing. 😉

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11 Responses

  1. Flandre says:

    Is it me or the subs are a bit weird… some parts ain’t english.

  2. Daichan says:

    Same here, i guess it’s… Netherlands or something like that, maybe Dutch. How to fix it?

  3. Daichan says:

    I see, Al Bhed Primer, it’s an Aprils joke xP

  4. Tyciol says:

    I am confused, is Pitch no longer licensed? I asked this on animeSuki since I saw your recent uploads.

    I was originally going to watch Mermaid until I realized that ‘Pure’ was the sequel and I like to avoid watching those first.

    Do you guys have forums or should stop by IRC?

    Does anyone know where to get the Lunar torrents? It looks like they did the first 39 but their ScaryWater says its licensed… but then why is it on AnimeSuki so I guess it isn’t?

    • Lexica-chan says:

      It’s been years since MMPPP has been licensed. But it can be a very confusing point. Borrowing from Wikipedia:

      “ADV Films acquired the license to the anime on June 2004 for its North American release, but was eventually dropped due to difficulty in finding backers and securing a TV airing deal. As of 2009, the anime has been completely dubbed but is being held by TV Aichi. It is unknown if a release will occur.”

      When ADV had acquired the license, fansubbers (unsurprisingly) dropped the series. When ADV dropped that license, however, Lunar did resume releases. Unfortunately, the releases were kinda slow and haphazard, up until their last gasp, over two years ago.

  5. namaiki says:

    @Tyciol: come on IRC if you would like =)

  6. Shilar says:

    Having a hard time downloading from your group. I prefer AVI over MKV. Can we perhaps get reseeders?

    • Ekke says:

      You’ll have the best chance to download from IRC on our bots, and if you want to contribute after you download from them you can upload to a DDL site so we can post links there if you want.

  7. Kurinami says:

    haha I know this is more than a year after the release but I finally got around to watching it and I had no clue it was an April fool’s release ^^”’ I understand most of it so I don’t always read the text, so I didn’t notice until a few minutes in that Kaito was being translated into Swedish XD My head had to do a lot of code-switching when Kaito and Lucia were talking. Language mush ftw. The Al bhed was nice too ^^d
    You guys rock! Kämpa på!

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