Yumeiro Pâtissière 12+17+18 released!

Yumeiro Pâtissière 12+17+18 released!

When you thought that you’ve had enough of Yumeiro releases from us, you were wrong.

This marks the final bits on our catching up spree, now we’re almost up-to-date with Japan again. Just before christmas we had some staff issues (holidays, weekends etc) and that’s why it took so long for us to get these out.

The decoration on top of this cake is made in approximately 2-3 hours by 4 people, if you should go with their timeline. That’s quite amazing for being a pâtissière-in-training in my opinion. I wish I could make something like that myself, it’d be fun to show others.

Anyway, enough blabber, more cakes!

Yumeiro 12 h264
Yumeiro 12 xvid

Yumeiro 17 h264
Yumeiro 17 xvid

Yumeiro 18 h264
Yumeiro 18 xvid

Due to Anirena is not able to locate my freshly uploaded torrents for yumeiro 17,18  xvid (12 worked 1 minute before that) they will be released later but will be accessible on our IRC channel.

Anirena is working again, so the torrents are finally up.

“Do you want to eat my dream-coloured sweets?”

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21 Responses

  1. Kawaiimo says:

    Thanks guys! Your like…one of the only groups subbing this show, keep up the awesome work.

  2. Mertal says:

    THE only group I know of now. SMS just dropped this show. Looks like you guys have a monopoly now. Any chance for a 1-12 batch? Some of your older torrents have no seeds.

  3. niwa_kun says:

    T_T SMS drop this anime… that sucks..

    imma going to download all torrents here, and delete my SMS ones..

    i hope you guys keep on tight in this anime series..


  4. Mertal says:

    I am glad your are going to finish the show. If you could please reseed Ep1 and Ep2v2, I would be grateful. Not sure on the IRC bot thing, and Id like to help seed for others too.

  5. Ekke says:

    Don’t forget that CrunchyRoll is still doing it, which means there are a quick-release subgroup still in existence. On TokyoTosho you’ll see Goodanime.net releasing avi version of yumeiro with CR scripts, so if you’re impatient this is the last alternative for now.

    About reseed; This is up to the community though. If it weren’t, I’d have to be reseeding all our torrents constantly which would mean that I’ll have no free bandwidth for new releases. We have 2-3 bots that has most of the files, so a small crash-course on IRC (doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to learn) on how to download from them is in this case relevant.
    Our XDCC listing provides the code you need (copy+paste after clicking on the file) which makes it even simpler.

    However, I will make batch torrents later for this show as well so you won’t be missing them if you just stick around long enough ^_^

  6. niwa_kun says:

    ep 1-11 please seed…

  7. Xypher says:

    The link for ep12 XviD is not working…:(

  8. niwa_kun says:

    ok downloading ep 1-18… i hope the seeders keep seeding, only 2-7 average seeders..

  9. shadowblade330 says:

    I can’t seem to get the torrents working. Am i doing something wrong.

    • Ekke says:

      You’d have to be a bit more specific if I’m gonna be able to help you out… First off, do you have a torrent client? You’ll need one of those (I recommend utorrent) before it’ll work at all.

    • niwa_kun says:

      yep im having problem on that.. if i use Firefox im downloading a 0kb torrent file.. wtf?

      then i use the torrent client itself to download all the torrents.. then after that boom its downloading,

      i think we need to move tracker guys, a slow tracker + having occasional problems downloading the hash file (.torrent file) make me sweat and take extra effort dealing with occasional 404 errors and slow load of the webpage


      btw: ep1 is kinda crappy, do we have good .ts raw for this anime? since SMS having problem for raws beginning on ep 17 onwards.

      • Ekke says:

        Aren’t you supposed to torrent files instantly instead of downloading them (save to harddrive)?
        Also, Anirena has nowadays a portal site so you need to left click the links and not right-click + save link as. I don’t know if you were doing this since you didn’t tell, so I can only guess.

        Anirena is on their ways of upgrading their servers, but it’ll cost 570EUR for a whole year (they have 199EUR currently) so we’ll first have to see how the speed is when they do switch to the better one. I know it isn’t funny with how slow it is currently. I request that you have a little more patience and see how things turn out.

        If no improvements are made, we will switch trackers.

        • niwa_kun says:

          rss download is my style… i also tried DDL on the webpage but fails, it just give me 0kb torrent file.

          btw: on East asia countries… RTO on aniarena is the most sadistic problem, specially for me. Resulting to “Connection Reset” to be shown on my mozilla browser.. or in IE is like. “The Webpage is Busy or Unavailable” or in Chrome “Ang Website na ito ay pansamatalang hindi mabuksan”

          I did some tweaks on my browser like, clearing cache, clearing DNS registries or whatever but still the same.

          i personally like scarywater and nyaa, they are the fastest and convenient to use tracker now adays,, (btw aniarena search engine fails.. its un-renderable result to giving me a blank page)

          btw.. im opening torrents directly.. cause if i save them the saved torrent file is useless. i already have torrent cache folder made by utorrent to place all the torrent files that i added.

          • Ekke says:

            Sorry I don’t think I can help you with this one, you have to talk to the guys on Anirena since they’re the one hosting the torrents that we upload.

  10. Xypher says:

    thanks for the releases! can’t wait for the other XviD eps! ^^

  11. tta says:

    “Help us Obi-Wasurenai; (since SMS dropped Patissiere), you’re our only hope!”

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