Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch 42-43

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch 42-43

Nyuuuuuuu~! <3 Love is in the air today, as we present not one but TWO episodes of Mermaid Melody. And do I mean it.... There's some yuri action with Hippo.... something like that. There's my wuv for Karen (no, really, she's rawrsome). There's a certain crab's love for Rina; apparently he said that her nose was her best part. Mimi and Sheshe actually make an appearance for the first time in several episodes, and they're doing their own snuggling. Heck, even Gaito and Sara are getting some time together. 😉 MMPPP 42 h.264


MMPPP 43 h.264


But wait! There’s more! I’d been promising for a while to offer up some lossless stuff. As this is a special occasion (and a release bash), might as well throw something out there. Presenting Mermaid Melody Jewel BOX 1! *^_^* All the tracks, in lossless splendor. (Sorry, I didn’t have scans, so all that’s in there is the audio. Which is the important stuff, anyways). Pace yourself…. Taiyou no Rakuen is strangely addicting, as well as the rather infamous Kuro no Kyousoukyoku. 😉


Wanna see more lossless soundtracks churned out? Or even to see more Mermaid Melody releases happen? Have skills which can help toward those ends (timer, editor, translator, Winny/Share/PD, etc.)? We need you! <Does an Uncle Sam poster pose> Stop by our IRC channel, reply to this post, or somehow or other get our attention so that we can work something out! *^_^*

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14 Responses

  1. ShiroiRyu says:

    Wow …
    Really thanks for the flac… 🙂
    The insert song are so good.
    Have you the others songs ? ^^

    • Lexica-chan says:

      I only have six or so of the CDs as lossless (that’s out of sixteen total for both seasons of Mermaid Melody). I’m quite literally trying to get them through Winny and Share (well, mainly Share, but I think this particular one I got off of Winny). Thus why assistance in getting more is really crucial and every bit of help in that department will be appreciated.

      One I’d especially love to get would be an EAC of Taiyou no Rakuen (the single). I think I’ve only got a few chunks off Share, and I sorta have plans for that one in particular…. 🙂

      • octapusxft says:

        Lexica-chan I tried to download the episodes but there are no seeds in the torrent at least

      • Meyrinia says:

        I’m not quite sure but if you’re searching for the CDs online you should try out this german fansite:

        Season 1 CDs

        Season 2 CDs

        I can’t guarantee that everything’s online but I think they used to have all MMPPP music.

        • Lexica-chan says:

          😉 Apparently you missed the part where I was talking about ~lossless~ albums. I’m already quite aware that MP3 versions are available. But lossless (like FLAC), those haven’t been released anywhere.

          If you have no idea what I’m going on about, then don’t worry yourself and stick with the MP3 versions. Although getting/releasing lossless albums is something I wanna do, I wanna do it correctly. Mainly, I don’t wanna have someone give me a pile of FLACs which they made on their own out of the MP3s, as that is completely ~NOT~ what I’m trying to accomplish (fortunately for me, there are ways to check things…).

  2. bibi says:

    Thanks so much for the new episodes, I hope you guys continue to actively release episodes and god forbid not ‘drop’ the project. Thanks again 🙂

    • Ekke says:

      Hehe, I can assure you it won’t be dropped. Lexica-chan would go hyper and explode (and then make me TL+time+edit) if something would happen, which means I’d get some crappy translated mermaids out at least.
      For now we’ll only go to 52 of Pitch, and then pause a long time. We have too many other active projects that need finishing too so Pure will have to wait.

  3. Ainokami says:

    Yeah, thanks for going on with this project! I’ve been waiting for someone to pick it up again since it was dropped years ago. So take your time and I love you all for doing this! <3

  4. Kotori-sama says:

    First, thank you so very much for picking Mermaid Melody up. I’ve been waiting for two long years for another group to subb this series. You guys have my eternal gratitude. Second, I was just curious as to whether or not you were thinking about picking up it’s sequel, Melody Pure? It be great to if you would, but if not I understand. Finally, keep up the good work. I can’t wait for the next episode.

  5. Webbmaster62 says:

    Pure will get done. We will finish the series. But just like Ekke said, we’ll have to wait until we get most of these other projects outta of the way. We actually have more planned series down the road that we still need to get too. lol But hey, the more help we get for MMPPP, then we can have just one set group for that series period with Lexica-chan as the lead. That would make things alot more easier. So basically, we need another TL. XD We get that, we can do stuff. ^_^

  6. octapusxft says:

    so you are going to do all MM series in due time?

    OMG where is your paypal donate button!!!

    take your time with the show. I waited 4 years for a group that actually shows interest to this series, it will not hurt to wait some months more

    • Webbmaster62 says:

      Thank you. Also, for our current progress on the show, check out the project’s page. ^^ We’re pretty good right now so we really don’t need any money octapusxft XD. It’s always for fun and others. But I’m only speaking for myself. I already know some others here that would use it for beer and such. LOL

  7. ArethKira91 says:

    Thank you so much !!!!!!! I hope you will get more help for your fansubbing work and find the people you are looking for!

  8. ruevaz says:

    You folks are terrific for subbing this! Granted, ADV no longer exists, so people can finally sub it, but still for a while no one did. Thanks for picking it up!