Release order and “missing episodes”.

Ok, so it seems that some people have gotten confused as to why certain episodes are released faster than others.

The deal is that other people/groups have not yet released certain episodes as to where some older episodes have been, therefore we try to work extra hard to bring it out quicker for your viewing pleasure to those that don’t care which group they watch from, as long as they get it ASAP. This will not prevent us from going back to finish up on all episodes with time.

There are other reasons involved as well, such as sometimes people having a real life which will delay some episodes occasionally. When this happens and a new episode comes out we can redistribute on the available people at that time, and just sometimes it happens that later episodes come out faster than the older ones.

Bottom note; We Will finish all episodes on an active project, given enough time.
Until we do, you can collect the episodes that are available, or wait for a batch torrent. Thank you for reading.

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  1. February 14, 2010

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  2. February 19, 2010

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