Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari 7

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari 7

Walking like snail, running like a madman. That’s probably what we are doing like. Here’s Isekai 7 BD. And if any of you still doesn’t get it, we only sub the BD. Not on the ppv or the DVD. So, let’s download this release and have it your way. PS: The torrent leechers are going to have a full scale war with the xdcc leechers. Good luck and arm yourselves.

There is a change on the encoding settings. Increased bitrate to reduce blockiness.

Xvid later

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18 Responses

  1. korgito says:

    I’m kinda confused here. You just jumped from ep01 to ep07.. Thanks for the release..

  2. Styx says:

    I suppose it’s because 2-6 has already been released by other groups. You can find them at Thanks for the release

    • Webbmaster62 says:

      2-6 are still being worked on. Matter of fact, some are about done so look for thoses soon.

      • T1 says:

        “soon”? lol the same soon as the one from weeks ago? Just wanna know cuz watching 1and then 7 is no fun….not when ep 2-6 are shitz version out there <.<

        • Webbmaster62 says:

          Believe me, they’ll start coming out. Our TL wants us to get them out before he does anymore lol so we gotta get them done. Isekai 2 is about to come out next.

  3. blah says:

    Your BD-Only policy is bad and you should feel bad.

    • rawr says:

      How exactly is that bad? BluRay requires much less filtering (compared to the bad-quality TV version, and the DVD version), and is actual HD. If it’s because your computer has problems playing HD video, download and install the latest version of CoreAVC. With CoreAVC, even NETBOOKS can play these HD videos (in fact, I just tested it right now on my EEE 901).

  4. xx says:

    i hav to tick the H.264/AVC video decoder only can i watch it w/o some of the pictures blurring

  5. Shinra_Kensei says:

    I’m not too familiar with the fansubbing world… but episode 8 and 9 are already out raw… just wondering when the next expisode will be subbed and out? This is a awesome series, probably in my opinion the best that been out for a long time…..

    • Asairo says:

      Depends on when the BD is out. Just to let you know, we aren’t insane fansubbers that can devote 100% of our time to fansub. So it might take weeks for us to release something.

  6. TheReverendFetus says:

    Since you’re new to leeching I’m gonna break it down for you. First rule of leeching: we don’t get to ask ANY questions. We just get to say “thanks,” or “thank you,” maybe a “much obliged!” if you’re the cowboy sort……. I digress -above all else we NEVER ask when something will be out. We get to watch this show (and understand what’s going on) because these people also want to but they aren’t as lazy as we are. They’re also way more nice and stuff.
    Your Fellow Leecher

  7. MM says:

    Thanks for the effort, I’m looking forward your next releases of this series.

  8. xx says:

    well like i said, the some part of the vid’s blur because H.264 vid decoder is not ticked…

  9. Squall says:

    Quote “There is a change on the encoding settings. Increased bitrate to reduce blockiness”

    Excuse me, How do I do this? I’ve been having this problem recently

  10. Kashell says:

    i didnt see any posts on the 1 to 7 issue someone posted above. has all the previous eps from 1-7, they might be a little slow updating, but they have all them up to this ep, so if anyone is having issues finding….go forth. They have a direct downloader for any who are on a proxy or firewalled internet that doesnt allow Torrenting( like colleges), just fyi.

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