Yumeiro Patissiere Ep 1,2,3,4 released! XviD later (Updated 7/11)

Yumeiro Patissiere Ep 1,2,3,4 released! XviD later (Updated 7/11)

Who makes a cake outta flower arranging? Makes me hungry. ^_^ Alright, this series is the one I wanted to pick up awhile back when there were no subs now there are alot of them. lol Still, I like the show and so did everyone else. So were doing it. We decided to release episode 3 since the others were already out. Our 1 is done but our 2 needs timing and such. We’ll release them together later on. Now for the record, THIS SERIES IS NOT THE ONE REPLACING SEITOKAI. Were still debating about it. There’s 2 series that were looking at that haven’t been subbed yet. So we’ll see…. But for now, enjoy Yumeiro. Here’s episode 1 as well.

Note: We have a new bot, Thank Ekke for it. Taiyaki is it’s name. So now we have alittle more speed for our bots.  It’s not on our list yet but t0 request pack #1. So have fun downloading.

Ep 1 h264

Ep 1 XviD

New Ep 2 h264 (finally)

Ep 3 h264

Ep 3 XviD

New Ep 4v2 h264, with a simple Patch if you already have the old Ep 4.

New Ep 4 XviD

Version 2 out, along with XviD (Ep 4). Enjoy. Thank Lexica-chan for making the patch file possible.

Episode 5 is up next, after Ep 2’s XviD release. Many near-finished projects are on the line for final check and then release. Expect 11eyes and Isekai to come “soon”. At least before Yume 5, I hope. >_>

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2 Responses

  1. Zieg says:

    Wow~ Thanks for subbing this. Few sub groups have yet to pick this up due to the kiddy style this anime was presented. I hope you guys can finish this through the end. ^__^

  2. nano says:

    THANK’S 4 SUBBING EP 4 !!!

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