Triple Release!

Triple Release!

You will take our releases…now!

Okay, here’s 11eyes 2 and Seitokai 1 again. We decided that 720p for Seitokai pretty much sucks so we dimmed it down. Both xvid and h264 are available this time. 11eyes 2 xvid should be out later today. We did the same with 11eyes as well. Sorry for the wait. Also, for the people wondering about Umi, were still on it. But we really need someone that has the shin-raws for 5 and 6 1280×720. If I can get them, I can encode the episodes again. So if you have them, let me or someone else know in IRC. More releases soon.

Note: Talked with Asairo and we have decided to stick with 480p and changed the font for 11eyes. So in order not to have mismatched res and fonts, we are going to encode a 480 for ep.1 again. The joint is done and we are releasing as Wasurenai. Look for ep.1 again in a bit.^^ In other news, we are forming a joint with another group for Isekai so look for that series to be re-released again. So much re-releasing huh?

11eyes 1 h264

11eyes 1 XviD

11eyes 2 h264

11eyes 2 XviD

Seitokai 1 h264

Seitokai 1 XviD

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